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Studs Direct is the market leader for diamond stud earrings in Australia. We are the only Australian online store specialising in diamond stud earrings and stocking a full range of options. As you would expect from a specialist store, our team are stud earring experts. In addition, we are a local trusted Australian owned & operated company. You will find we offer very competitive prices. We pass the cost savings directly on to you.

We deliver all our stud earrings direct from Sydney, Australia. You will never be slugged with any hidden taxes, import fees or custom duties when ordering from Studs Direct. Plus we offer personal customer service and free 100% insured safe delivery to your door. We have been in the diamond business since 1987. Studs Direct is the obvious option if you are looking to buy stud earrings in Australia.

All diamonds over 0.30ct in weight (each) come with GIA certificates. GIA is the leading diamond laboratory for grading and certifying diamonds in the world. We refuse to purchase diamonds over 0.30ct in weight without GIA certificates from our diamond polishing partners (and you should not either).

Diamonds under 0.30ct in weight are not commonly sold by diamond polishers with certificates due to the high cost of certification compared with the cost of the actual diamonds. For our customer’s peace of mind, diamonds under 0.30ct in weigh come certified and guaranteed by qualified gemologists here at Studs Direct.

1 – 2 weeks depending on the diamonds you select. We purchase diamonds daily from polishers and set a large volume of diamond earrings. We need time to set your diamonds into the earrings, perform necessary quality control checks and if your diamond choice is out of stock, we need to order in new diamonds to fill your order. Rest assured getting your earrings to you quickly is our top priority. 

Your purchase comes with free 100% insured delivery to your door. Buying from Studs Direct is risk-free with 100% insured shipping, 30 days free return policy & premium quality diamond earrings

Yes we offer 30 day free returns for your peace of mind. We will even pay the return shipping fee. Please see our 30 day risk-free return policy for more details

We are an online only company. That means you are not paying our shopfront rent, staffing costs or overheads like power. Operating retail stores is very expensive in Australia and customers end up footing the bill through higher prices and less value overall. We also specialise in stud earrings and get excellent deals from diamond polishers by purchasing in bulk.

Every order comes with a complementary valuation stating exactly what has been purchased for insurance purposes and guaranteeing your earring’s authenticity. In addition, all diamonds over 0.30ct in weight come with GIA certificates as standard.

Choice of metal is purely a personal preference. We use premium quality white gold that is zero-allergy. Many other vendors use a cheap version of white gold that causes allergic reactions. Whether you order platinum, white gold or yellow gold, your earrings will be allergy free.  

We only offer one quality of diamonds here at Studs Direct – first class premium quality. Many other online vendors offer poor quality or inferior diamonds often without GIA certification. We only offer GIA graded VS F-G colour or better quality diamonds with premium cut grading. These are premium quality diamonds at competitive prices 

Please get in touch with our team via email, our contact form or telephone. We are here to help with any questions or concerns you may have before purchasing