Designer Bracelets

Designer Bracelet

Sterling Silver, Bridal & Swarovski Designer Bracelets and Bangles in Australia

Fashion designer bracelets pay homage to a heritage tradition dating back to royalty

Sterling Silver, Bridal & Swarovski Designer Bracelets and Bangles in Australia

Fashion bracelets pay homage to a heritage tradition dating back to royalty. It hailed from France where the queen started the popularity of collecting different charms to depict and commemorate her lineage and ancestry. This trend caught on and from main stream fashion with cheap steel replicas to high-end bracelets in silver and gold, this trend truly transcends age and time.

Bracelets For All Ages

The young babies can enjoy the gift of bracelets by loved ones and actually build on the collection at each birthday to commemorate their life and the beauty of their birth. Teens can display their unique sense of artistic style with charms that capture their interest. From rainbows to ballet slippers and butterflies to tennis rackets, the selection is limitless.

The latest silver bracelets have evolved into high end fashion items which are sported by fashionistas and are part of the collections launched by every jewelry designer worth their salt. The designer elements incorporate precious and semi precious stones in the silver charm. Other than this caramelized and deep brown chocolate Murano glass beads also make a perfect addition to the elegant and bespoke silver charm bracelets.

These high end glass beads in sea green sky blue or fresh berry red add color and class to any bracelet. Very easily a woman can make a unique jewelry piece to add to her collection. A staple in every modern age woman’s jewelry box, the charm truly reflects the identity and character of the woman in a soft and playful manner with a grown up platform using precious metals.

Inspiration For The Bracelets

A ballet pump and tutu can signify passion for the coveted and elegant art of the ballet dance form. Modern dance fans can use a salsa element along with musical instruments like a guitar or drums. Fans of skating can get silver charm bracelets with roller blades, skates and even the helmets. Basketball fans love the hoops and balls of the popular game suspended from their charm.

Travel Fans Can Build Memories With Charm Bracelets

For women who love traveling why not build an elegant charm to commemorate the visits to different lands? The shells for Seychelles, Kangaroos for Australia, Palm Trees for Malaysia or Pyramid for Egypt would make the perfect icons to identify the lands travelled by the trail blazing women. It is also possible to get silver charm as a collection string for silver guineas from different periods.

Commemorative Lineage Based Bracelets

To depict the family crest, the charm can be crafted bespoke by leading Italian manufacturers known for their expert craftsmanship of the unique silver charms. No subject or iconic element is untouched by the charm manufacturers and one is sure to find a collectors item housed at exclusive merchants to start off or add on to their personal charm bracelet. The charm make a very versatile gift item and can be presented with as many or as few pieces to be built on later by the wearer.

If you have a creative flair and want to make your own bracelets then it is not a very daunting task. Bracelets are the easiest piece of jewellery to make.”
Accessories are important to add the finishing touches to a great dress that you might be wearing; and what better accessory than a bracelet. There are all kinds of bracelets to be had, for men as well as women. But you don’t necessarily need to go to a jewellery store to find one for yourself. All you need is a little bit of knowledge about how to make bracelets at home and you are done.


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