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Customised Bridal Jewellery in Melbourne

With the 2018 wedding season fast approaching, it is always a last minute rush to find that perfect piece of jewellery for the most important day of your life – the very special day when you want to look your best and find that perfect bridal jewellery for yourself as well stunning fashion jewellery for the bridesmaid.

InVogue Design studio (IVJ) based in Melbourne is a boutique shop which specialised in order to made customised bridal & fashion jewellery. The best piece of advise I can give you is that start early and choose your designs and finalise them as early as possible.  IVJ has all the tools to create a stunning range of  bridal, bridesmaid and fashion jewellery for you and they can make changes and customise it as well. You can choose some of the fashion beads, jewellery making findings from Melworks Beads as they carry a wide range of beads, pearls, gemstones, and all kinds of jewellery making supplies like sterling silver findings etc.

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